Female Conflict With Excessive Skin Surgery After Losing Half Of Body Weight

A woman performs a crowdfunding in cash, so she can afford an excessive skin removal surgery: she lost half her weight due to her incredible lifestyle changes.
Kayla Sue Cody of Henrietta, New York, realized she wanted to make a change when she hit 280 pounds at its heaviest point. He is 280 pounds, smoking, drinking alcohol in social situations and very depressed, “Cody told The Independent newspaper. I have to change my life, so I decided to do gastric bypass surgery. ”

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After receiving the doctor’s surgery, the full-time student was told she needed to complete six months of nutrition and evaluation.
She told us that she immediately stopped smoking and drinking, changing her eating habits because “I do not want anything other than surgery”.

However, after three months of self-study nutrition, how to calculate calories correctly, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Cody realized that he had lost 30 pounds – so he decided not to undergo Surgery.

“I decided I did not want to have surgery, if I was only at work, I could lose weight,” she said.
Cody loses weight and maintains it for years (Kayla Cody)
After several years of hard work and dedication, Cody lost 60 pounds, but still tried to stop him.

The car accident in January 2017 made her stand up again.
Cody reached 280 pounds at his heaviest moment (Kayla Cody)
She told us: “I’m unemployed, I could not exercise for six months, and I regained some weight until I regained 220 pounds.”

The sport needed to burn high-calorie foods – Photo
Sugary soda – 330 ml – 138 calories
Standard chocolate bar – 229 calories
Chicken and bacon sandwich – 445 calories
A quarter of the large pizza (449 kcal)

When he finally went to a doctor to start exercising again, trying to regain his health has been updated – “I stick with my diet and exercise program, because I do not want to lose weight, because hard work to avoid.”

Now he lost a total of 140 pounds, half his weight.

In addition to the school, she is still doing two jobs to cover the cost of surgery (Kayla Cody)
To ensure that it sets a sustainable and attainable goal, Cody relies on effective diet and exercise. She calculates calories and maintains a daily intake of 1,500 calories, such as eggs, oats, chicken, vegetables and other low-calorie foods.
She stopped smoking and started counting calories (Kayla Cody)
She also works five days a week for one to one and a half hours and performs 20 minutes of aerobic and weight training.

“I exercise different muscle groups every day, which gives my body the chance to recover,” he told us. In addition to diet and exercise, its most successful point is to establish a “small but realistic” goal.

Full-time students originally wanted gastric bypass surgery (Kayla Cody)
“I did not think I needed to lose 140 pounds when losing weight,” he said. “I’m going to set some small, realistic goals to motivate themselves, and when I reach the goal, I’m going to set a new goal. My goal is to lose 10-20 pounds on a certain date, when I reached that goal. new objective “.

Now, after years of hard work to achieve the desired weight, full-time students want to undergo peeling surgery: this is the last obstacle in their journey.
Although he thought for the first time that he could lose excess skin in the same way that he lost weight, by exercising, many doctors told him that it would not be possible without surgery.

She wants to participate in the Female Physical Competition (Kayla Cody)
Because of her new goal is to participate in female physical competition, Cody’s excess skin is the only one that keeps her back – so she started using the GoFundMe page to help her load surgery, in addition to looking for a part-time job in her. Full-time, because “I’ve gone too far, I can not allow skin resection surgery to stop me,” he said.

Kayla Cody lost 140 pounds (Kayla Cody)
“My ultimate goal is to encourage others to do the things I’ve done, because I do not have anything special, if I can do it, anyone can,” Cody told us.