Bellevue’s Mother Lost More Than 200 Pounds Of Weight With Weight Loss Surgery And Regular Exercise.

For the first time in his 41 years, Kelly Jones rode a roller coaster. Just because of her.This is the first time a seat in a Bellevue woman may fit in one of the parks in the game.

Jones, the mother of four children, struggled with her weight. She was the heaviest in April 2016 and she currently registered 409 pounds. When he started making changes in the diet and exercise routines, the weight did not drop, just as Jones wanted. Then, seven months later, he chose surgery to lose weight.This is just a tool, it’s how you use it,” Jones said of the surgery. The changes caused by lifestyle surgery made her lose 119 kg. Since Ultimate Bodyshaping joined Ferrell in Bellevue in April 2017, he lost 100 pounds.

Q: When did you start training and why?
A: I started here in April 2017. I did it because my parents are obese and aging. This is a big burden for me. I don’t want to be a burden, my child.
Q: Describe your workout. How many days a week do you exercise?
A: I am trying to get here every Saturday day. Those days are taekwondo. The other three days are strength training.
Q: What is your current fitness goal?
R: I still want to lose 20 pounds. Since April 2016, I lost 219 pounds. I have stomach bypass surgery since November 2016 (I am at Farrell) and I lost 100 pounds. The heaviest point in my life is 409.7 pounds. Now I am 190.6 pounds.
Q: What has been your biggest achievement?
A: I can do this now. I have already done 5Ks. This is the first time I have been in my life. I am riding on a roller coaster. Everyone has a flaw just because I can. I did a zip line course. One day, I want to try skydiving.
Q: What has been the most difficult obstacle, how did you overcome it?
A: The way of thinking. Everyone thinks that weight loss surgery is the easiest way. This is an emotional battle. This has always been a problem. I started to treat because I have a mentality and once I start to lose weight, everything will be huge.
Q: What can help you stay on track?
A: My children. The most important thing is that I am looking forward to the front. Last week, my daughter hugged me and said, “Now I can embrace me completely.” I think it is their example.
Q: What makes you worry about your gym?
A: I am not here. But in other sports venues, I went, I don’t know what to do. You can do a treadmill or ride a bike, but don’t know what else.
Q: When you are at the gym, what are you doing?
A: I like to do karaoke and go to the concert.
Q: What is a piece of equipment, supplements, clothes, etc. You can’t live without it?
A: It may be my corset. It helps to keep the skin loose, so some exercises are painless.
Q: What advice do you want to give to others just starting their training trip?
A: Don’t give up. I went by yo-yo. Lose weight and stop me. Then everything will win and lose more than 20 pounds. do not give up. Find your support system for your family. Celebrate your success.